Police Department

The Administrative Staff of the Berea Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, Two Police Captains, and an Administrative Assistant. Administration is responsible for the overall direction of the entire department and all of its employees. They are tasked by city leaders to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Berea and all visitors. Their key responsibilities include ensuring high quality of service to the community by providing courteous quality employees, protecting life and property, planning for future needs, policy development and implementation, providing community policing programs, as well as working with other local, state and national agencies to prepare for major disasters and emergencies.

The Support Services Division is charged with providing administrative and support functions to the police department. The division is commanded by a Police Captain who oversees the records section, Professional Standards Unit, Training, Public Information Officer, School Resource Officers, and Safety Officers. The Support Services Division serves as the infrastructure of the police department.

The Records Section is comprised of a non-sworn Record Clerk.  They are responsible for providing initial customer service to visitors of the police department and for the distribution of police reports.  The staff of the Records Section, maintain the filing system for all written reports.

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for investigating complaints of employee misconduct and violations of department rules and regulations.

The Training Section provides employees of the Department with high quality training including both entry level and in-service training. Additionally the Training Section has the responsibility for coordinating and arranging all outside training, processing all departmental travel, coordinating and monitoring academy training for new sworn officers, conducting both pre and post academy orientation for new employees, maintaining training records for all employees and operating all classroom and firearms range facilities.

The Public Information Officer ensures that the community is kept informed in a timely manner about current events, programs and news. The Public Information Officer is the official spokesperson for the department relating to inquiries from the media and other various sources.

The School Resource Officers enhances school security by virtue of their presence and visibility. By using crime prevention strategies and intelligent enforcement measures, the SRO constantly evaluates school security, identifying deficiencies and recommending corrective measures. The school resource officer is instrumental in assisting the school administrators in developing emergency action plans.

The Safety Officers assist police officers, by performing various duties, including enforcement of parking tickets and funeral escorts. The department expects safety officers to conduct patrol for illegal parking violations, traffic control and any other assignments.

The Patrol Division is the uniformed section of the Berea Police Department and is composed of Two patrol shifts. The division is commanded by a Police Captain with each patrol shift supervised by, a Lieutenant with the aid of a Sergeant. The Patrol Division is the backbone of the police department and is operational on a continual basis. They are charged with the safeguarding of life and property of all citizens and visitors to Berea. This is accomplished through: providing crime preventative patrols in marked units and on foot, providing efficient response to reported calls for service, enforcing traffic regulations, conducting criminal investigations, and conducting crime prevention and public safety campaigns.

The Investigations Division provides investigative support to all divisions within the department. The division is commanded by a Police Lieutenant. The Investigations Divisions primary responsibilities include conducting in-depth investigations into major crimes, conducting follow-up investigations, conducting narcotics investigations, preparing for and assisting other officers in case and court preparation, tracking all open investigations, maintaining the departments evidence room, as well as conducting specialized training to other officers and citizens.

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