Berea, population 13,561 (2010), is located in Madison County, Kentucky. Berea is only 40 miles south of Lexington, KY and 15 miles from Richmond, KY. Incorporated in 1890, Berea was named in 1854 by Rev. John Fee for the town mentioned in Acts 17:10 where the inhabitants “received the word with all eagerness” and at that time opposed slavery (in a slave state); a commitment which has evolved today into broad support for human equality.

The town is known for Berea College, with its commitment to interracial co-education and service to the Appalachian Region. Berea is the “Folk Arts and Crafts Capital of Kentucky- Where Art’s Alive.” Berea hosts the headquarters of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen-50 years old in 2011, the Kentucky Artisan Center, along with a colony of studio artists; its employment base includes over 3,500 jobs in manufacturing.

Berea has a pedestrian-friendly culture supported by miles of bike trails, sidewalks and regularly held 5K-walks and 10K-runs.