Anyone conducting business in the City of Berea must have a business license. The cost for the initial business license is $25, except those subject to special license fees listed below.

Once the business license application and applicable fees are received by the Finance Department, the application is then forwarded to the Codes and Planning Department for zoning clearance. A business license is issued approximately 7 to 10 days later.

All subcontractors must have a Business License. One cannot work “under” another’s Business License.

Regulated License fees should be renewed between January 1 and February 28 of each year.  A penalty of $100 per month or fraction thereof shall be imposed commencing on March 1 if the license is not renewed. To renew, the business should complete a new business license application.

Schedule of Regulated Licenses

  • Peddlers – $25 per year or $10 per day
  • Solicitors – $100 per year or $10 per day
  • Carnival/Circus – $300 per week (Must Have Mayor’s Permission)
  • Pawnbroker – $250 per year
  • Billiard – $200 per year + $25 per table
  • Flea Market – $100 per year
  • Vending – $10 per machine (A List of All Serial #’s, Machine Owner Names, Addresses and Federal ID #’s of Each Machine is Required)

For more information, please contact the Codes & Planning office at (859)986-8528