Temporary/political signs include:  signs announcing or relating to a campaign, drive, or event of a civic, philanthropic, educational, or religious organization.  Signs are not to be installed more than thirty (30) days prior to the activity, and must be removed no more than five (5) days after its completion.

Temporary signs announcing or relating to a political campaign, not to exceed four (4) by eight (8) square feet in area are permitted in all districts provided, 1) the candidate shall obtain a permit from the codes enforcement officer, 2) the sign not be placed on a public right-  of-way or private property without permission from the land owner, 3) the sign shall not be displayed more than thirty (30) days prior to and election and no longer than five (5) days after, and 4) no penalty shall be assessed provided that any candidate who violates the ordinance shall pay the cost of removing the sign Berea City Code 06-03.