In the early 1990’s, Berea celebrated its age diversity with the creation of the Intergenerational Center. The center, divided into the Berea Senior Citizen Center and Berea Head Start, serves the purpose for which the center was intended; to bring together youth and senior citizens, in order for them to learn from each other. The Senior Citizens Center offers a wide variety of recreation programs and a hot meals program for participants. The center also houses a private day care facility.

Some of the features of the center include several small rooms/offices, kitchen for the Head Start, a large community room, playground, and restrooms. The community room is home to many clubs and organizations and is available for rentals through the Berea Senior Citizens Center. For more information, call (859) 986-8350.

  • Senior Citizen Center – Lisa Edwards  (859) 986-8350
  • Berea Head Start – (859) 986-9117
  • Head Start Central Office – (859) 623-7233
  • Kids World Day Care – (859) 985-0995