Residential Brush PickupBrush pick-up is conducted during the third full week of each month. It is picked up curbside on your trash pick-up day. There will be no brush pick-up on weekend or city holidays.  Brush pickup includes ONLY branches and limbs.

Please observe the following guidelines when preparing your brush for pickup:

  • The maximum amount of brush is no more than a full pickup load per household. Trucks will only stop once at each property.
  • Brush should be cut into lengths that can be handled by one person, approximately four to six inches in diameter and six feet long.
  • Brush must be free of rocks, tires, wheels, metal, household trash or other debris that could damage the chipper or injure city personnel.
  • Stack so the larger ends face the street (limbs do not have to be tied). Do not use plastic bags.
  • Keep brush and limbs clear of sidewalks, mailboxes, street lights and sign poles, landscaping and fences, overhead tree branches, and power lines.
  • No leaves, grass clippings, stumps, roots, limbs exceeding the size limits, building lumber, landscape timbers, or bags of garbage will be picked up. If any of these items are mixed in the brush stacks, the entire stack will be left behind.  City personnel will not sort through brush piles for acceptable material.
  • There is no brush pickup on weekends or city holidays.

Do stack or pile loosely at the curb. [Add Image]
Do not mix with lawn/garden debris.[Add Image]
Do not mix with refuse or bulk items.[Add Image]