On July 18th, 2023, voters approved to make Madison County and the City of Berea wet. Local businesses are now able to apply through the state and city for alcohol licenses. This allows businesses with approved licenses to sell alcohol by the drink and package in Berea.


Please see our local ordinance for questions about license types, city fees, business hours and other information pertaining to alcohol in Berea. Also, below is the city’s ABC process outlining how to apply for a city license and the steps businesses will need to take to obtain a license.


The City of Berea also imposes a 5% regulatory fee on the sale of alcoholic beverages. Regulatory fees are to be submitted quarterly.  The Quarterly Alcohol Beverage Regulatory Report can be downloaded below.  Any questions about the regulatory fees should be addressed to Susan Meeks, the Finance Director for the City of Berea.


All individuals engaged in the sale or serving of alcohol beverages are to complete a city approved alcoholic beverage server training program.  Training is available through the state ABC office.


The City of Berea is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our citizens. To ensure the strict enforcement of alcoholic beverage regulations, we encourage citizens to report any violations of such regulations by completing a complaint form, a link to which is below.


Questions regarding ABC for the City of Berea should be addressed to Captain Casey Botkin, with the Berea Police Department.  Captain Botkin serves as the ABC Administrator for the City of Berea at 212 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY, 40403. (859)-986-8456.  cbotkin@bereaky.gov