The Berea Fire Department consists of 25 Career Firefighters and 24 Volunteer Firefighters. We provide fire protection for the City of Berea and Southern Madison County. Our Department has a response area of 56 square miles and make 1000 runs annually. We operate out of two Fire Stations, which are manned 24/7. In addition, the Volunteer Firemen provide a Rescue Squad which covers Southern Madison County. The Fire and Rescue station is located at 301 Melody Lane.

In May of 2015, the Fire Department achieved an ISO  (Insurance Services Office) rating of 2/2Y. The ratings are on a scale from one to ten and are used to calculate your property insurance rates. Properties within five road miles of one of the stations and having a fire hydrant within one thousand feet are a class 3. Properties within five road miles of one of the stations without a hydrant is a class 3Y. These ratings were accomplished due to the employees’ dedication to providing the best possible fire protection to the citizens of Berea and Southern Madison County.

Mission Statement

The Berea Fire Department is committed to providing comprehensive and cost effective services to the community and citizens within the city. The Department’s mission is to safeguard and preserve the life, property and environment of the community through education, prevention and the immediate response to their needs in times of fire, crisis, or disaster.