Any work resulting in the cutting of a Berea street, curb, or sidewalk requires the issuance of a street cut permit by the Public Works Department.  A separate permit is required for each cut.

Why is a permit needed?

To control the excavation and restoration of the public way and maintain structural integrity; and to ensure safe and orderly movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Who needs a permit?

Any individual, institution or company doing work on a project that will require the cutting of any Berea street, curb or sidewalk

What is the cost of a street cut permit?

The cost is $25.00 per cut; if the size of the cut is over 20 feet, the cost will be $25.00 plus $2.50 for each additional foot

Note: The street cut permit will expire 60 days from the date of issue. If it is not used within the 60 days, the fee will NOT be refunded, and a new street cut permit must be issued.