The Chief of Police is the highest-ranking officer in the police department. As the chief executive officer of the police department, the Chief of Police is responsible for the planning, efficient administration and operation of the department under the authority of the City of Berea government. In this capacity, The Chief of Police directs, plans, coordinates the enforcement of the ordinances of the city, and the laws of the state and nation for the purpose of protecting persons and property and for the preservation of the peace of the community.

The Chief of Police is responsible for testifying before the City Council and other legislative bodies on law enforcement matters of importance to the City of Berea and proposing new or amending existing policy and legislation which could have an impact on law enforcement.

The Chief of Police attends the City Council meetings to keep that body informed about any issue related to the department’s operations and to respond to citizens’ complaints or concerns.

Also, the Chief of Police acts on all matters related to disciplinary issues and recommends awards for exemplary conduct of the department’s sworn and civilian employees.

In addition, the Chief of Police makes presentations to citizens’ community groups, religious organizations, schools, and the business community to promote the goals and missions of the police department and to solicit their input in making the city of Berea a safe place in which to live, visit and conduct business.

During a state of emergency, the Chief of Police assumes a leadership role in planning, coordinating and directing all activities aimed at restoring peace in the city or otherwise returning conditions to normal.

The Chief of Police has jurisdiction within the city of Berea and line command authority over sworn and civilian employees.

Chief of Police
Jason Hays
212 Chestnut Street
Berea, KY 40403
Phone: (859) 986-8456
Fax: (859) 985-5839