Do you have WiFi to share?

Students in our public school systems start classes on August 26th and will begin with remote/distance learning.  This requires internet/WiFi access and some students do not have reliable internet access at home.  Casey Poynter, Director of Pupil Personnel at Berea Community, is forming a “Community WiFi Tree” to list places around the city where students can access internet as a “guest” to complete their schoolwork.  This “Community WiFi Tree” will be shared with all schools serving our city’s children.  If your business or organization has WiFi that you would be willing to share with students as guest in your parking area, please email Mr. Poynter at or call him 859-986-8446.  Please help if you are able, and remember, “all kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.”  Earvin “Magic” Johnson